Brief Description of the Rules for Admission of Graduate Students to the IKTU and the Available Opportunities

Brief description of the rules for admission of graduate students to the IKTU

Admission to the undergraduate program is done by taking the complex testing.

Submission of documents to the complex testing (CT) is available online from June 15 through July 15 at

Complex testing is carried out by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 1 to 15 of the calendar year at the CT examination offices of the National Testing Center by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To participate in the state competition for educational grants from 25 to 28 August, documents will be accepted through the University Admissions Committee or through the web portal “Electronic Government”

Those persons who have scored a threshold score of 75 points according to the results of CT and 50 points for a graduate program in English are allowed to participate in the competition for a state grant.

For studying on a scientific, pedagogical, and graduate program on a paid basis, persons who have scored at least 50 points according to the results of CT and for graduate program in English at least 25 points are allowed to enroll.

Opportunities for students

  • In the A. Yassawi IKTU for those who did not pass the competition for state educational grants, the Turkish quota is annually allocated with the payment of a scholarship in the amount of the state scholarship, which is awarded on a competitive basis for studying in educational programs of the graduate program (see Rules).
  • Conditions are created for teaching working graduate students (on-the-job), who entered on a paid basis, by developing a convenient studying schedule using distance technologies and individual studying schedules.
  • Possibility of mastering a number of subjects using distance technologies.
  • In the process of studying at the end of the semesters for well-performing graduate self-support students, there is the possibility of switching to the Turkish quota in the formation of vacancies, as well as to the state educational grant if there is a vacancy on a competitive basis.
  • Opportunity to conduct research practices abroad.

Detailed information about graduate programs can be found on the website of our university