Priority right in case of an equality of points in the contest is given to:

1) an applicant awarded the “Altyn Belgi” badge;

2) the applicants with at least one year of work experience who graduated from college;

3) the winners of international, presidential, republican Olympiads and competitions of scientific projects (scientific competitions) in subjects (awarded with diplomas of the first, second, and third degree), if they correspond to the subject;

4) the orphans and children left without parental care;

* the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, disabled people of I-II groups from among young people who have lost their parents or left without parental care until the age of majority;

* the persons equated in benefits and guarantees to participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War;

* the disabled since childhood, disabled children who have no contraindications to study in the relevant educational institutions according to the medical report;

* the persons with educational documents (certificates, diplomas) with honors.

At the same time, in the case of the same scores, educational grants are awarded to persons with a high average score in a certificate or diploma.

In the case of the same points, as well as the same average scores of the certificate or diploma, the points earned in the specialized subject are taken into account.

In the absence of preference for the award of an educational grant of higher education, the same points, the average score of the certificate or diploma is awarded to those with higher education.

If the points are the same and there is no priority, and if the average score of the certificate or diploma is equal, the points obtained in the specialized subjects are taken into account.